Baile Felix, Calea Beiusului, nr. 53, Tel: +40 744 606 793

Visit Felix Bath and the surroundings of the resort

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Baile Felix

Baile Felix are located in the northwestern part of Romania, in Bihor county, at a distance of 6 km from Oradea and 22 km from the border crossing point Bors. Situated in the Crisuri plain, at an altitude of 140 m, the resort has a moderate continental climate, with mild winters and temperate summers with mediterranean influences. Baile Felix has a rich treatment base including: bathroom facilities, mud and paraffin hot water installations, thermal water pools, underwater elongation facilities, electro and hydrotherapy facilities, sauna, indoor and outdoor swimming pools , its medical gymnasiums

Baile 1 Mai

Near Baile Felix there is Baile 1 Mai resort, having the same climate characteristics. Next to Baile 1 Mai there is the "Paraul Peta Nature Reserve". In the thermal water from Peta lake and lake, with a constant temperature of 30-31 degrees C, Melanopsis Parreyssi (relic of Tertiary) and Scardinus Racovitzae and the rare subphropic species Numphaea lotus thermalis (the relic of Tertiar) - a monument of nature.

Stana de Vale

Located at 1,100 m above sea level, it is one of the most important resorts in Bihor county - Stana de Vale. Recently renovated accommodations are available for tourists throughout the year. In summer, it is a favorite place for hikers. In the cold season, a paradise for winter athletes.

Bears Cave

A high-value tourist attraction is the Bear Cave, a cave reservation located in the Crisul Negru basin, with a length of 1.5 km, open to the domestic and international tourist flow. The reservation is structured on two levels of galleries. The upper level consists of a gallery that shelters numerous stalagmites, drapes and stalactite fields. The cave hosts a large number of fossils belonging to the fauna of the Upper Holocene pleistocene. The cave is the place where numerous skeletons of the cavern bear.

Cave Glacier Scarisoara

The "Scarisoara Glacier Cave" is part of the Ghetar - Ocoale - Dobresti karst system, whose fossil part is carved in Jurasic Superior limestone. The total length of the cave is 720 m, the slope (negative) is 105 m. Entrance is 48 m deep and 60 m in diameter. At the foot of the recess is the actual gate of the cave, which facilitates the approach of the "Great Hall" with a diameter of approx. 47 m, the "Church" Hall, the main tourist attraction of the cave.


"The Padis Region" is located in the Apuseni Mountains, more precisely in the northern part of Padis Mountains in the Bihor Mountains. From an administrative point of view, the Padis region is located in the south-eastern part of Bihor County, about 15 km from Pietroasa. The Padis tourist region consists of the the closed basin of the Ponor Fortresses, with a surface of 36 square km (including Galbenei and Poiana Florilor) to the southwest and the Gorges of Somesul Cald - Poiana Varasoaia. The tourist arriving in this area of unparalleled beauty will definitely

Oradea "The Art Nouveau Capital"

Oradea is "Art Nouveau Capital" of Romania and Bihar County. The Oradea city is a champion of recent years in the use of EU funds, which has become visible in many investments. Guests staying in Oradea can find Nymphaea Aquapark, a number of outdoor and indoor slides, as well as numerous water relaxation items. Another important goal may be the newly renovated Oradea Castle.

Horse riding at Baile Felix

Located on the edge of Felix Bath, Il Cavallino Horse Club offers an opportunity to spend your leisure time actively, with fresh air, away from the noise of cities. Up to 1 hour of riding can be tied up with fun. You will be able to admire the landscape, but you will have the opportunity to fill your psyche, free the negative energy and store the positive energy.