Baile Felix, Calea Beiusului, nr. 53, Tel: +40 744 606 793

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Baile Felix spa resort is "Pearl of thermal waters in Romania" and offers bathing conditions at European standards.

Apollo beach

Apollo beach details

Apollo Beach is the only beach available for tourists all year round. The Strandd is open in winter and summer. It has 4 thermal pools. They are also available for the guests of the two snails, Apollo and Felix.

Apollo Beach Baile Felix

Felix beach

Felix beach details

299/5000 Strand Felix or the summer beach, as it is known, is available to tourists on the hot summer of the year. It is usually open to the public from May 1 to September 30, depending on outside weather. The beach features thermal pools, children's pools and slides.

Felix Beach Baile Felix

Padis beach

Details Aquapark President

The Padis beach is in the immediate vicinity of Felix Forest, next to Hotel International. The beach has 3 thermal water pools. The construction of the basins is so thought of as in the basin that is supplied with thermal water, the water flows into the next basin, from the third to the temperature, between 28 and 35 degrees.

Padis Beach Baile Felix

Aquapark President

Details Aquapark President

The Aquapark President is the first aquapark in Baile Felix with an outdoor and indoor pool. The tourist object has many relaxation elements, both indoors and outdoors. The Aquapark is constantly evolving and offers several slides of difficulty.

Aquapark President

Aquapark Felixarium

Details Felixarium Aquapark

The newest aquapark in Baile Felix resort is Felixarium Aquapark. This water park is part of the most modern hotel complex in the resort, Lotus Therm 5 * Hotel. Access to this tourist facility is allowed within the limits of available places. The Aqua Park features 10 indoor swimming pools, 4 outdoor pools and 2 toboggans.

Aquapark Felixarium